The Monastery Studios .com Launch!

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The Monastery Studios .com Launch!

Manchester’s hidden gem The Monastery launches its all new creative studios
and Eden Flare is proud to provide a website showcasing their work & services. 

With an incredible history and breath taking restoration; The Monastery Manchester quickly became known not just though out Manchester but around the world. Offering its amazing space for a wide variety of activities, open days and functions. The Monastery now aims to provide a whole new range of services in house with it’s new project The Monastery Studios. This unique setting is the ideal place for photographers, filmmakers and creatives of all types to contribute to what is already an amazing achievement. And when Eden Flare Studios was asked to provide a website and support with an ever growing online presence, we happily stepped up to the challenge.

The brief was to design a site in keeping with the current Monastery homepage, (home of venue and open day information) yet with an ultra modern and dynamic edge. The navigation had to be user friendly yet able to deliver a high amount of content and options.

The last thing this site could do was operate on a typical WordPress template. Therefore every element is rebuilt with features rarely seen online. 

Above is an example of the drop down menus used. Not only does it provide the expected navigation menu, (right) and a brief introduction to what can be found within the menus contents, (centre) but also to the left is an auto-playing video providing a showreel of The Monastery Studios latest achievements.

Videos proved to be a crucial part of this site. We were able to showcase all types of services being offered by The Monastery Studios. Usually photography can simply be display with an online gallery but with such an amazing setting it was decided auto-playing videos had the edge.

Page banners can be a great way of rounding off a pages contents and typically they would consist of little more than images & text summarising the above. However for a site that needs to make a statement a few videos were added seamlessly. Together they give a little demonstration of the Studios upcoming augmented reality work but more importantly bring the page to life.

The Monastery Studios is an incredibly exciting project and we simply cannot wait to see the fantastic work produced. Please head to for more information.

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