3D Design
Web Design

3D Design

Using basic 3d modelling software alongside typical photo/video editing suites the possibilities have opened up enormously. We can now provide all sorts of 3d animated renderings. Building concepts in their upcoming environments, video game characters, advanced menu systems the list is endless

Virtual Reality

The most common use of these skills tends to be reinventing brands and giving them 3D motion. However we are very excited to explore the potential of virtual reality. Soon we will offer architects and building planners the chance to explore their projects before they’re even a reality. 

VR Training Simulators

Soon we will be creating training programmes for various community roles. In the same way one may enter a flight simulator for examination with the safety of their feet never leaving the ground we hope to bring all sorts of training programmes to virtual reality.

3D Printing

Pricing for 3D projects is completely based on the merits of each job individually. Naturally the more time and money invested in a project the higher levels of detail can be achieved.

This being said sometimes simplicity can deliver more.

Product Design

Turn your sketches and artists impressions into 3D simulations, (photo or video).

Architectural Mockups

Really impress by having your architectural plans built in a 3D simulation. Once built we can create fly through videos that highlight your vision.

Virtual Reality

Though we currently don't offer this as part of our 3D design packages it something we are developing on. If it is of interest please let us know as we're always up for a challenge.


Working with our clients Eden Flare Studio is achieving all sorts of beautiful animated stories. Soon we hope to share a whole range online for our clients and their audiences.

3D Animations

Whether it’s a product design, building plans or even a T-Rex – we can build your vision in a 3D environment – that’s the easy part.

But did you know we can create beautiful 3D animations to show your product/building/creature in action

Animated Cartoons

As for working with artists and developing childrens book animations… we’re always excited to take on such projects.

Whiteboard Animations

For corporate clients whiteboard animations are a popular choice. We’re always happy to help getting your message out there in a way that engages the online audiences. We will assist in each stage of the production from developing the script, sketching ideas, recording the voice over, the all important animating and finally getting it out there!!

Whiteboard Animation

Want your presentation to be kept and shared for the world to see? You could just film it and upload to YouTube - but why not explore the possibilities of whiteboard animation and bring your ideas to life.

Childrens Book Animation

Let us take your beautiful artwork and turn them into moving images. We will even record the narration and help find music to turn your story into something magical to be shared online.

3D Animation

Lets face it, some creatures need to be developed in 3D. Want to turn you comic book monsters into high impact cinematic beasts? Get in touch and we'll show you exactly what we can do for you.


At the heart of our studio is our passion for original graphic design. Every element of any creation must be thought out with copious amounts graphic design, not just for its finished aesthetic but for each possible message it sends.

Fresh Content

From raw brush strokes to the use of any font, our graphics are put together with only one goal in mind – delivering your message in a way that reflects your business personality.

Up To Date Designs

As with  most of our services the pricing for our graphics varies from job to job. For pre-made graphics (wedding invitations for example) depend on the volume being ordered. Bespoke graphics for your business however, (Menus/Flyers for example) are charged by the design.

Did You Know?

We’ll always talk through our designs before starting any job to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. 

One Off Graphics Pack

Require some fresh graphics for your business? No need to sign up for more than you need, we can create an order to suite you

Seasonal Graphics Pack

Want to be ahead of the seasons with all your branding ready and waiting? Why wait for mid December for Christmas flyers.

Annual Graphics Pack

Big plans for the new year? Get in touch today and see how we can give your vision the creative flair to get people behind it.


Capturing the world around us in a single moment is not only an amazing practice but essential to our projects. Very rarely will we take on a graphics or 3d piece without an archive of visual media

Venue Photography

Does your website need fresh material? Want to share how you see your business? Our photography services will bring out the best in any business. 

Product Photography

Half day and full day photography sessions are available. Price covers digital copies from the shoot and includes a free consultation to ensure we capture the look you’re aiming to achieve.

Did You Know?

 We also offer photo editing services to bring out the best in your shots.

Venue Photography

Got the beautiful space but your photos just won't do it justice? It's a crucial part to any venue website and yet so easily overlooked. If the photography isn't up to scratch no one will visit.

Digital Colouring

You've got the shots but something about them doesn't quite pop. Carefully playing with a photos natural colours can bring out a subject in beautiful ways.

Product Photography

Selling your products online? Don't put up with mediocre photography. Jewellery, Cakes, Clothing, it doesn't matter - make sure you're selling the vision of your business and not just the product.

Video Production

From business promos to viral marketing, video production is one of our most powerful skill sets. Enquire now about our specialist editing packages.

Master YouTube

With so much content being uploaded and viewed every second on YouTube it’s important to stand out. Did you know our editing skills have already provided companies with video content made up purely of their archive material? Why let your footage sit there doing nothing? Edited well your material can go viral in minutes!

Share Your Story

Video production is something we’re quite proud of at Eden Flare studios. Having a keen sense of production values allows us to make high quality material with limited resources. Our videos often reach audience numbers beyond our clients expectations and frequently they’re made up of archive material. 

Go Viral!

Why not explore our articles on the principles of video production, one of which went viral when first published online. Reaching just shy of a million views; who’d have guessed an article on going viral…would go viral.

Share Your Story

At Eden Flare nothing makes us happier than seeing your passion getting the recognition it deserves. So why not let us put together that perfect video for sharing online.

Archive Editing

Too often we're been asked to put together videos yet find ourselves not even needing to pick up a camera. It's human nature to hold onto precious memories even if we never use them - well now's the time! Let us take your archive footage and put together a video you'll watch over and over.

Website Design

We all need the perfect website. The home of our brand and image. And whether it’s a well constructed corporate look you’re after or a down to earth indie look we will create the perfect site for you.

Available Packages

Enquire now about our bundle packages. Design rates as low as £250 flat fee and fixed discount rate contracts. With Eden Flare you’ll always have a developer ready to assist with your brand.

See below for our current packages and how you may benefit from our work.


Having the perfect website is crucial to any business, marketing campaign, passion project. We not only assist in the design and build of your site but we manage and push its viewings. 

See below for our clients who we continue to support as their website and online presence develops. 

Did You Know?

We continually work on your sites maintenance ensuring it runs smoothly, we consistently update the SEO and for added support we will always give you that extra support on social media.

Whether it be creating content for you to share or giving you a friendly retweet. Being with Eden Flare means you’ll always have a developer on hand and support by your side.

Available Packages

Charity & Nominal Rate

Get your message heard with Eden Flare! If your mission matches our criteria we will cover all design fees free of charge.

Initial build – FREE!*
Updates & Revamps – FREE!*
Server & Admin – £10.00/mo

Artists & Creatives

We love working with fellow creatives and our low rates are here to help you get noticed with perfect presentation.

Initial build – £250.00*
Updates – £85.00 (p/day required)
Server & Admin – £15.00/mo

Small Venue & Cooperatives

Don't let yet your online presence drag down your reputation. Our designs will get you the attention you deserve.

Initial build – £500.00*
Updates – £125.00 (p/day required)
Server & Admin – £25.00/mo

Large Venues & Businesses

Looking for something highly specialist, bespoke booking systems or unique online trading platforms? Enquire now to see how we can build something just for you.

Initial build – £750.00*
Updates – £250.00 (p/day required)
Server & Admin – £35.00/mo