Heather Dickinson .com Launch!

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Heather Dickinson .com Launch!

Childrens book illustrator Heather Dickinson
launches her brand new site with Eden Flare Studios

Manchester based artist Heather Dickinson first approached Eden Flare Studios looking for a new website and support to showcase her work. Soon after, not only were we launching her brand new site but we were also discussing following steps (watch this space).

The site www.heatherdickinson.com is online and fully functioning. The brief was to create a space that best displays her work, not just for interested professional parties but also for those who simply wish to discover more, perhaps after picking up one of her books. The site had to focus on the stunning artwork and deliver an easy navigation system.  So much so that even if a child were to use it they would be able to simply find their way around the beautiful pages of illustrations. 

The first stage of designing was to establish the initial impression desired by the client. In this case “a children’s book illustrator” and what better way to display the bright, colourful artwork than on a full screen slider. Of course with all our websites we ensure the design can be used across various devices and with a very simple navigation menu that carefully categorises the artwork under various headings the sites structure was already mapped out. 

All too often websites bombard the user with unnecessary menu options. In this case all that was needed was Home, About, Portfolio & Contact. The only part in need of breaking down is the portfolio, we can’t expect users to simply sift through the work to find what they’re after, regardless of how nice it is. This is easily fixed with a drop-down menu displaying the various categories. Alternatively of course the user can still select Portfolio to display all work. 

The portfolio, being the most important part of this site had to be perfect, interactive, appealing and worthy of exploring from a user experience standpoint. Simple grids were the starting point but hiding the artwork behind text was not option and with a dozen images on the screen at any given time the site would have looked cluttered. Therefore we locked the text from appearing until the user hovers his/her mouse over the image, (see “If I Was An Egg”, left).

Please feel free to explore Heather Dickinson’s website and let us know what you think. Maybe your perfect website isn’t far off what we’ve created here, www.heatherdickinson.com. Also remember to keep an eye out for future updates & exciting projects. 

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