5 Skills For Building Your Online Presence

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5 Skills For Building Your Online Presence

Having the dream website is just the beginning.
Here are 5 essential skills for getting your voice heard!

  1.  Content & Context.
    We all want to hit the number one mark on any given search engine, google being the usual choice, but how do we get there and stay there? Aside from assistance with SEO writing the best way is always with persistent posting of relevant content. Writing about what matters to you will draw in those like-minded individuals and soon enough a following will develop whether it be for business or general interest.
  2. If Content Is King – Diversity Is God
    So writing about and populating the SEO content of your site with completely irrelevant terms and common search requests isn’t just cheating these days but it’s the second fastest way to being completely ignored, (second only to sitting in the corner and keeping your thoughts to yourself). However by thinking and writing outside the box new audiences will be attracted.

    A simple example would be to ask yourself who you would you rather read more about; a chef sharing all his/her recipes or an outgoing chef determined to explore the culinary world. This isn’t secretly the over-used “don’t be boring” point, it’s about being aware of the online world around you and finding new ways to fit in. 

  3. Readers make the best writers. 
    Ask any writer and they will tell you the same. And in an ever changing online world the same is true for your digital content. This isn’t to say you should go ahead and blatantly copy your competition or those you aspire to but instead take an interest and openly let their style influence yours.

    Also never feel your reading has to be the latest content in your field. Far from it in fact, it’s extremely good practice to read what doesn’t come naturally to you and your business – remember, diversity is god!

  4. Taken With A Pinch Of Salt – Comments & Statistics
    The reach of your last tweet, YouTube views, online polls, even the number of twitter followers you have… ignore it! These numbers are never 100% accurate in that you will always have spam followers, unaccounted views and to put it bluntly those who take advantage of online anonymity. 

    Most people and most web surfers alike are generally good, honest people. However this can’t as easily be said for those who wish to voice their opinions behind some obscure username. Therefore the best advice would be to ignore such figures and comments. Still unsure? Simply watch the direction of the polls compared to who tweeted/shared them.

  5. Interact, network and promote
    Despite point four it’s still important to interact with your followers. Sure posting new content is a form of interaction and does indeed count towards this point. However the best website owners know the importance of networks, be it social, professional or more to the point – online.

    If a butcher starts a blog about his/her profession and is asked an honest & polite question via tweets/comments by a vegetarian should they resist the urge to ignore said question as it clearly wont lead to business? Absolutely they should. Giving a polite answer could easily lead to a positive retweet/review and thus business opportunity.

    Even if you only have four followers, one of those followers may well have 400 followers. And getting their attention is the first step to going viral and higher in the search engine rankings. 

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